midnight mystery

lurking all about

hiding everything in life

when I look about.

I could look for miles

and all I see’s the same

pitch black scenery

*huh* what a shame.

I’m tryin to find the meaning

but nothing’s adding up,

please help me mother nature

and tell me just what’s up.

I’m searching for this mystery

I’ll have to wait ‘till dawn

so that I can see the world

in more colors than just one.


"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
~Gerard De Nerval"



i got my love by my side

heart feelin’ alright,

shoe on my feet

and I’m ready to fly.

no hurt on my soul

just want y’all to know


super Mario.

i’m feelin good

this is alright,

waitin for that day

to make it all right.

so any pain can leave

for the eye can see

how you hurt inside,

that you hide from me?

I’m hurt,

not touched

cant feel the ground

shaking,flustered, all around.

i ask this, “why”

and a whisper answers

i feel a cry

just need an answer.

my soul inside

is just a hole

that you broke, you tore

cant take no more.